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Configure NetBackup A.I.R with HPE StoreOnce

Level 3


Need to setup A.I.R between two NetBackup domains each connected to an HPE StoreOnce 6600 appliance.
StoreOnce has catalyst stores over fiber channel.

Main Site:
Clustered NetBackup Master servers with version:
OS: Windows Server 2016
Storage Device: HPE StoreOnce: 6600
HPE StoreOnce Catalyst plugin Version: 4.3.0

DR Site:
Single NetBackup Master Server with version:
OS: Windows Server 2016
Storage Device: HPE StoreOnce: 6600
HPE StoreOnce Catalyst plugin Version: 4.3.0


We enabled clustered master server inter-node authentication using command "bpnbaz -setupat" and then tried to establish trust relationship between the cluster master (using VIP) and the single dr master server.

When establishing trust relationship from GUI we got following error:

"-domainname and -username are mandatory for the target master server that uses NetBackup CA-issued certificated"

So we had to do it from command line using (nbseccmd -setuptrustedmaster) from both target and source and it was successful.

But when going to Credentials -< Storage Severs we cannot see the "replication" tab when clicking the storage server.

And as part of the A.I.R setup with the StoreOnce, we need to  configure the replication topology using tpman.

The tpman command needs an IP address for the StoreOnce but in our case there is no IP as we are using catalyst over fiber channel:

tpman --add --source --target

We wonder if any has done this setup before and if so we appreciate if anyone can advise regarding it.


Hadi Reslan




Level 6

@Hadi_Reslan1It seem you already completed half configuration on Master server. However, you need to refer to documentation released for HP StoreOnce 6600. They should provide you steps to setup replication between the storage server. Once its setup.. NetBackup can perform imports for you at DR site.

Hello @pats_729 

Thanks for the reply.

Already tried the procedure as per the "HPE StoreOnce with NetBackup guide" but seems not to work.

Am not able to see the replication tab from the storage server. Shouldn't we be able to see it once we establish the trust relationship between the master servers? or might special configuration since it it a cluster master server in the main site?


Hadi Reslan

Showing replication properties on storage server is HPE plugins job. What is the plugin version you are using? Hope that supports AIR.
On the master/media server run this command to check the plugin version
<installpath>\netbackup\bin\admincmd\bpstsinfo -pi
It may show you a long list you need to locate HPEs plugin version.
You are adding a trusted Master Server just to tell the destination to storage server.
All the best!!!


The version of catalyst plugin is latest 4.3.0 and it supports A.I.R as per HPE.

Regarding the replication tab, should we see it once we enable the trust relationship between the master servers regardless of what storage we are using?


Hadi Reslan