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DataCollector installation on

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Hi Guys,

Currently, the environment is NetBackup and we are going to upgrade to NetBackup As far as I know, Opscenter will not be supported anymore so we will start using NetBackup it analytics by using data collector

Today I found this "The IT Analytics/Alta View Reports data collector is included with all NBU installation beginning with 10.1.1, and this will be the preferred method of collection going forward."
Can anyone confirm this? if this is true we wont have to install a data collector agent in a centralized nor distributed way.?

Does anyone have experienced on clustered master server (windows) using data collector?


Level 6
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I think that the manual covers the clustered master server collector.

But As far as I know you can not use the preinstalled data collector for BYO IT analytics. It is compatible only with ALTA analytics.

I had a case opened back to April and the answer was

For pre-installed IT Analytics Data Collector on NetBackup Primary Servers, we need to uninstall that version of the Data Collector and install the NITA version of the Data Collector. The NetBackup IT Analytics (NITA) Version and the data collector versions should match.

For pre-installed NetBackup IT Analytics Data Collector on NetBackup Appliances, it is strongly recommended not to use the preinstalled data collector; instead it is advised to use the SSH/WMI data collection methods thus ensuring that the data collector software is installed on a separate server/virtual machine.

Note: The preinstalled data collector which comes with the NetBackup master's version 10.1.1 is certified only to work with product "ALTA" and cannot be used by "NetBackup IT Analytics".

The TSE create a technote but I can not find it