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NetBackup 8.3 product videos

Continuing with the product videos initiative that was started with NetBackup 8.2, the NetBackup documentation team has come up with 3 new videos for 8.3 security features:NetBackup CA Migration External KMS support in NetBackup Configuring SSO in Ne...

Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! NetBackup API License Capacity Client Details

Not sure if anyone will be able to give me some insight on how this works but worth a try.I'm writing a powershell script to curl the license capacity client details for a list of clients that are using specific storage. The clients are DB hosts that...

Krutons by Level 6
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Agentless Recovery Log - Failed to Restore

Good afternoon. Yesterday I carried out an agentless VMware recovery. The recovery was only partially completed, of the 342,000 files 76 were not restored. Is there a log that will give me a list of the 76 files that were not restored?I have been loo...

Auditing of users/group/asset changes

Hi all,I am look up for auditing changes in WEB UI or JAVA GUI if any user want change of rights/permission another user.  Is this audited if the operation is performed / blocked  ?  

PetrHanz by Level 4
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Network connection broken (40)

Hi all,Backup session sometimes ends with Network connection broken (40) errorThe parameter was applied: MAX_ENTRIES_PER_ADD (25000). The problem was not solvedThe problem has begun to manifest itself significantly in the last 2 weeks.Netbackup Confi...

Resolved! NB Catalog recovery keeps failing on NBDB recovery

Hello,I have been trying to do a catalog recovery, I keep getting error code 2850 on the NBDB recovery.Master server is a windows 2021 VM. Its a "restore only" backup master running NBU 7.7.3. I was having issues accessing the Java console, and I thi...

zmlat by Level 4
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Exchange server backup with Netbackup

The Exchange server is runninng on virtual machine.Which method of backup is prefer for exchange Granular level recovery and which method is best practiceThe backup of exchange server through agent based   orThe Virtual machine backup with exchange a...

Resolved! Backing up Microsoft Exchange 2016

Hello all,Let me explain our situation regarding the subject above. We have this Microsoft Exchange 2016 (2 mailbox Exchange nodes). At first the Exchange server was backed up using the production IP which need to traverse thru the firewall to reach ...

Changing Enterprise License Keys

I have several instances of NetBackup running and I need to change their Enterprise License keys for the master and media servers.  Is there a way to add the new keys and remove the old ones without causing any issues in NetBackup?

NBU 8.2 - Agentless Restore - Greyed Out - Help!

We are running NBU 8.2 on 2012 R2 Master and Media servers.We are attempting to test the agentless restore via the Web UI.-- We have the "Golden EEB Package" installed on all master and media servers (NB_8.2_ET3998268_3)-- All vCenters are on 7.6 and...


Vautl offsite error return code 294

Dear All,We setup the vault onsite and offsite policy to eject media. I check the error messages return 294, but the tape can eject on the slot but still failed with the code.  I check the session log , there is no any meaning message to report this ...

Backup a folder that is constantly written to

Hello,I haven't been able find this issue addressed in my searches and readings, but:I've recently setup NB 8.2. One of the policies I have is for an audit folder that needs to be backed up; but since it handles our internal audit logs, it is being c...

Resolved! OpsCenter - Report All Policies

Hello,Can you help me find out how I can get all the active policies (excel, pdf) through the opscenter or the netbackup consoleThanks very much

NetBackup 8.3+ webgui user recovery

After upgrading from 8.1.2 to all my web gui users were cleared. Veritas response: After the upgrade to NetBackup 8.3 is complete, a user may use the RBAC user migration tool available in the NetBackup 8.3 installation's goodies directory (Ex...

Genericus by Level 6
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