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Differential Incremental backup running as FULL

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Here is my setup: 


File system backup: Cold backup RMAN files

Issue: Differential Incremental backups scheduled during weekdays runs as FULL backup on the FS

Schedule Types: D-D(Differential Incremental backup) - Frequency based- Runs every day (except Saturdays) 

W-F (Differential Incremental backup) - Calendar based- runs every Saturday (Excluded on last Saturday of the month)

M-F (FULL backup) - Calender based-runs on every last Saturday

Here we use Ctrl M as schedule and dependent on RMAN jobs, we have one FS that is /orabkup and in this FS we have data_l0 (level 0-FULL) and data_l1(level 1-Incremental)

Every day RMAN INCR job removes the old files and dumps the changes ones in level 1 folder. On Saturday (W-F & M-F) RMAN FULL runs and removes old files in level 0 and dumps new files which will be a FULL backup.

Once the Saturdays W-F gets completed and the D-D the next day NBU takes the backup of both level0 and level1 directories under the /orabkup FS even though the modified time is only the time stamp of the weekend.

This is causing the issues with all the backups overrun.

I suspect the problem is with Frequency based D-D backups as the W-F/M-F will run until next day say 15:00 hrs Sunday and on Sunday when INCR D-D backup is initiated the backup is FULL with the same amount of data that is backed up as FULL.

The Frequency is set as 6 hours. 

Please guide me if I need to change the frequency based schedules.




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I don't think this has anything to do with Frequency-based schedules.

As per the URL's that @Thiago_Ribeiro shared, Full and Incremental schedules must be in the same policy.

Any reason why you are not using NBU agent for Oracle RMAN backups?

The only reason that we are not using NBU Oracle agent is that of license. Also, Oracle team is using some tool to stage the prod data.

The only issue that I suspected is D-D that is Frequency based.

Thank you, Marianne, and @Thiago_Ribeiro for your response and looking into this.