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Differential backup as full after changing client name


I have a standard backup that makes the copy of some FS mounted from NAS to a server. We have changed the server from which the copies of these FS are made after the full is done, mounting the same FS with the same names on the new server. By changing the name of the server, the differential backups are copying the complete FS as if it were a full.
Where are the references that the differential backup takes from the full backup to copy the changes?
Is it possible to transfer the changes to the new client so that the differential referenced to the full that was made with the other client is supported?


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Re: Differential backup as full after changing client name

NetBackup indexes client backups by hostname. 
You can check on the master server under /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images.
So, if the hostname of clientA was changed to clientB, you will see a folder for clientA and a folder for clientB.

NBU master server has no idea that clientA and clientB are the same server. To NBU, they are two totally different clients. 
So, for clientB, NBU will start with full backups from scratch. 

You can fix this by creating a symbolic link from clientA folder -> clientB.

Because there are already files and folders in clientB folder, you will firstly need to copy all contents of clientB folder to clientA. 
Rename clientB folder (you can later delete the folder along with contents if you have confirmed that all is well). 
link ClientA -> ClientB. 

Best to perform above steps with NBU stopped on the master. 


Re: Differential backup as full after changing client name

Thanks Marriane.