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Error Running Report Error from Master Server {Server Name} no entity was found

Level 4
When I try running any report I am getting the following error. 

A window pops up titled 'Error Running Report' the error reads 'Error from Master Server {Server Name}   no entity was found'

does anyone have any idea what is causing this?

Not applicable
I can recreate that. Just put in a client name or media server name with absolute garbage and it puts back that dialog.

The name you are picking or typing, in the reports section of the Admin Console does not exist in the NetBackup configuration either as a media server or client.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Connecting with the hostname other than that of master server(written in first SERVER line in bp.conf) sometimes causes similar trouble,
and some other operation offen fails.
Check what host you filled in "Connect to" field on login form.

Level 6
... the parameters you input.

e.g. if I run a "Status of Backups" report for a valid client, but for a period that I know did not include a backup I get the same response. Same for "Client Backups".

This would happen for any report where the search parameters result in "Search completed with no results for the specified criteria"