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Exclude corrupt files and continue backup

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Hi All,

Can you please help me here on below query.

Last month my file server (VM in hyper-v) crashed and with help of microsoft we have bought back the server wherein they have indentified that the issue is with snapshot chain which they fixed. Post that my backup is getting stuck after writing "N" nos of files. Today we have checked in bpbkar logs and found that there are some corruption in few files(.xls,.xlsx,doc etc)

It is very difficult to identify the corrupted file from that server, is there any setting in Netbackup wherein it will itself skip the corrupt file and procced with backup or any tool that can help us to trace these corrupt file.


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Hi @Virendra_t

I have moved your post to the NetBackup forum as this is not related to NetBackup Appliances.

If you have corrupt files, maybe best to firstly perform a restore using a previous backup?

I cannot see how NetBackup can skip corrupt files.

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What do you mean that your backup gets stuck? Does it slow down, hang, fail, etc? What do you mean by corrupt?  What does the bpbkar log say about the trouble?

What kind of backup are you doing? Policy type, file selections, snapshot or not, WOFB, ...?

You say that the backup writes N files before the trouble. The files you mention make me wonder whether there's a lot of I/O happening during the backup.  If you under-provision a VSS snapshot with the default system provider, the OS can delete the snapshot out from under bpbkar. This would cause bpbkar to fail as it's trying to read files off the snapshot volume.