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FC switch configuration and recommendations for i500 tape library to Netbackup 7.7.1 master server

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We have a netbackup enterprise 7.7.1 master server directly connected with 6 x Brocade FC HBAs to 6 x LTO6 drives in a Quantum i500 robot.  It's been working great with the direct connections for 2 years.  

We've purchased and installed additonal 4 x LTO7 drives and would like to connect up these new drives.  We are looking at a 16 port Brocade 340 series FC full fabric switch.  

Are there any configuration tips / recommendations for the config on the switch and the changes I will need to make in Netbackup?   I've not worked with FC before but look upon this as a good learning experience.





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This is normally not part of Backup Admin's responsibilities. 

If you are totally new to switches and zoning, best to book yourself on training or ask for assistance from your switch vendor with some hands-on training.

Here is a Backup Admin who knows his 'stuff':


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Alwyas put one FC HBA and one tape drive in one zone.

Do not zone one HBA to multiple tape drives within the same zone, becuase a scsi bus reset from one tape drive will interup the operation of the other tapes drives. 

A FC HBA can be a member of multiple zones.