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Finally migrated to new hardware

Level 4

old server - NBU 7.7.3, Oracle Linux 6.3

new server - NBU 7.7.3, RHEL 7.7

  1. run catalog backup on old server; to make it easier, store the data on disk
  2. run catalog DR recovery on new server; making sure the disk on step 1 is mount on new server

note: just be careful to disable SELinux on new server. filesystem type does not matter

upgrade to 8.2 next.

i just wish Veritas would move in the 21st century and allow upgrades/migrations to be flexible. new server should be new version already that should be able to read back databases from old versions.


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Does Oracle allow restore from prior versions?  Does Sybase?  Does DB2?  Does SAP?   Does MS Exchange?   Does MS SQL?  Does Active Directory?  Do they really really allow restores from different schema versions?  Have you checked?

Anyway, it's not something that Veritas have any control over... because it's down to Sybase ASA.

When you're performing the migration that you have just performed, you had several moving pieces, the OS is changing, the OS is changing version, the OS kernel is changing, the file-system is changing, the NICs are changing, maybe even underlying hardware is changing, hardware drivers are changing, and probably storage and LUNs are changing too... do you really need to have NetBackup binaries version AND the Sybase ASA DB schema moving/changing at the same time ?