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Server Hardware refresh

Level 3

We've finally come to a server hardware refresh and upgrade to Netbackup 10 

We're moving from 2008 v8 to 2019 v10. I have Basic disk storage configured with disk staging. I need to move about 3 terabyte of image files. Can these files be physically moved to the new 2019 server, then use Disaster recovery to restore to Netbackup 8 to 2019 server?


Level 4

Yes, it works.

First check NetBackup version in use whether if it's compatible with Windows 2019.

If so, install the same version with the same installation directory and the same hostname as the originial master.

Create a new basic disk unit and run a catalog backup (plus DR and drpkg files).

Move those files to the new master and run catalog recovery + identity recovery.

Move the existing image files from old master to new one and put those into the same basic STU.