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Find FT server WWN a job is using

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Hi Gurus

We have a Netbackup FT server that keeps downing ports (this issue is separate, but whenever we stop|start nbftsrv the ports are all up but as soon as a backup runs 2 of the 4 ports are downed from Netbackup FT).

Anyway, I would like to know if there is a way to find which WWN(FT server side) is being used for the backup job.

I was thinking of iostat, finding the device file that is moving data and then trace back to the WWN. The FT media server is RHEL, and iostat doesn't show me any FT activity.

Any help would be fantastic



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Has this ever worked before? Do you have the FT server ports set to target?

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The FT server works, the 2 ports that stay up are working beautifully. The 2 ports that keep going down have always done this - we currently have a case open with Symantec for this.

They are configured as target, yes.

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Do you have access to the switch(es)? You can monitor the throughput for all four target ports and if there is no data flow those are the ones going down.

Also cat the /var/log/messages and grep for SCSI. Look at the errors and go from the device ID for the WWPN.