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Getting an error while restoring a job

Level 1

Hi, I am trying to restore a job using Netbackup Administration Console 8.0.

In the details section of job, i am getting 

awaiting resource 006886
A pending request has been generated for this resource request.
Operator action may be required. Pending action: All drives down,
Media ID: 006886, Barcode: 006886, Density: hcart3, Access Mode: Read. 

There were a total of 13 tape required to restore this job, all these tapes were loaded into ML6000 library and robotic arm of library was also updated. I am not sure why this error is coming. 

Can i have a help here please ?


Level 6
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Make sure drives are also defined as HCART3....  And that there are no "drive cleaning required" tape alerts.

Is the library/drives the same one that was used for the original backup?  Has there been any other changes to configuration since the backup was taken and before trying the restore..  Rediscovery (delete and recreation) of devices for example, can result in drive try being changed to different   (HCART, HCART2 HCART3) which would then result in it saying there are no devices...

In your case it does state drives are DOWN...  Check the status of the DRIVES....  Drives can be marked down for various reasons (cleaning required, being one...)  But it can also be due to device errors...  Are you still performing backups with he same drives??  Is it just restores that are failing or are there other issues in the environment??