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Full filesystems /var/log master netbackup 9.1

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Hi all.
We have a Netbackup 9.1 master server that has the filesystems (/var/log/) full. The files that occupy more are:

Can I delete these files or is there a netbackup application that does a controlled log cleanup.

Thanks in advance


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Try : vxlogmgr --del -p 51216 -b '02/09/2023 12:00:00 PM'

This will delete all Netbackup log files before 9th of February at 12:00. Any way files in /var/log are safe to delete

Please do a  "file core.usr!openv!openv!netb.xxxx" - What does it say ?

The files may be core files from Netbackup processing ending abnormal.



Thanks for answering Nicolai!

The vxlogmgr command I think is for deleting the filesystems logs
The question is whether I can delete these files from the /var/log directory.

Hi @Elangel 

THe /var/log directory is a system log directory - so has nothing specifically to do with NetBackup, you need to manage that space yourself. Clean up as required. 

As for the core files that come from NetBackup - these should be investigated as it may indicate an underlying problem with your system - do as @Nicolai suggested and use the file command to investiaget further. These can safely be removed but can be used for troubleshooting purposes (if there are lots of similar files with just the PID number as the difference, remove most and investigate further - if the files relate to one NBU process, then start searching on core dump and that process - it is liekly there will be an EEB if this is a common problem).