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I have recently received some nice new LTO-4 drives. I have been doing some testing and have a question about using my current LTO-2 tapes with Netbackup 5.0 mp7.
I have realized and then read in the Admin guide II the following:
The following applies only to NetBackup Enterprise Server:
The half-inch cartridge densities (hcart, hcart2, and hcart3) can be used to
distinguish between any supported half-inch drive types. However, tape
requests can only be assigned to drives of the associated media type. For
example, a tape request with density hcart2 specifying a media ID with
media type HCART2 will be assigned to an hcart2 drive. Likewise, a tape
request with density hcart specifying an media ID with media type
HCART will be assigned to an hcart drive.
So it is my experience that the only way I can get my LTO-4 drives to read my current LTO-2 tapes for a restore for example, is to change my drive density to HCART2.
Is there a way to change the tapes media type from HCART2 for example to HCART3, without having to delete the tape and reinventory it?