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How Do I Backup and Restore My AI Database? A Look Into ChromaDB and AI/LLM Databases

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Hi Friends,

With the rising popularity of AI databases you KNOW that one is going to end up in your datacenter and you KNOW that one is going to become production before you have a backup and restore plan.  How do I know this?  I was a System Administrator once.  :)

So I decided to do a little science experiment.  I went out and started to learn about AI / LLM / Vector / etc. databases and see if I could first install it, second get some data into it, third back it up with NetBackup and fourth do a restore with NetBackup.

I decided to choose ChromaDB because it's light weight and it's open source!

Take a look how my first venture into ChromaDB went:

Me and ChromaDB - A Series Maybe... Part One - A.I. is Your Friend!

In this blog I talk about some high level stuff and points you to an awesome introduction to AI databases that REALLY helped turn some very difficult concepts into stuff that made a lot of sense!

Me and ChromaDB - A Series! Let's Create Our First Vector Database with Cosine Similarity

In my second blog I actually get ChromaDB installed, get some data into into the database AND do some really cool queries that show you how cosine vectors work!

Me and ChromaDB a Series! - How Do I Backup and Restore ChromaDB?

In my third blog I show you how to backup and recover your ChromaDB SQLite database using Veritas NetBackup.

The cool thing about this is even though this is bleeding edge technology, your trusted enterprise and cloud ready backup software continues to support you in whatever technology endeavor you tackle!