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Hyper-V Snapshots Are Not Being Deleted

Level 3

We are having the exact same issue with our NetApp SAN stated in this article.  Does anyone know if a fix has been found yet?  We are using NetBackup version  Is it worth opening a case with Symnatec if a fix hasn't been stated in the article yet?




Level 6
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there is no fix available yet, even LBN is not yet updated as of now

Let do quick revision on basic part , may it's needle which is causing entire issue

Did it worked before, or is first time you are trying?

Any recent changes in environment

Hyper-V, updates, SAN LUN , NetAPP filer upgrade?, OS patch etc?

what events do you see logged with Hyper-V

Could you share bpfs and bpcd logs from hyper-V server where NBU client exist

if directories does not exist, create them and set verbosity to high, recycle NBU client services and perform the same backup.

rename logs with process (i.e. bpfis, bpcd) while uploading