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Manual duplication failing with 190

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I am trying to duplicate an old backup job to tape which was using slp while backing up to disk.Manual duplication fails with error 190. I have only one copy in catalog and verified the image successfully.

nbstlutil list -backupid output has below

 Storage Lifecycle State       : 2 (IN_PROCESS)

   Copy Number         : 102

   Copy Type           : 3 (REPLICATE_TO_REMOTE_MASTER)

   Residence           : Remote Master

   Copy State          : 1 (NOT_STARTED)

Now if i cancel the replication copy using nbstlutil cancel [ -backupid <backup_id> | -destination <name> ], it will expire my existing backup data as per its original retention 3months. I couldnt change the retention of the backup image as its SLP processing is not yet complete.Any suggestions and advise will be highly appreciated to make succsessful duplication.


Level 6

Hi @Sugan 

I don't think it is possible to duplicate (or perform any manual operation on) an image currently under SLP control (as I think you have found out). 

You are on the right track, in that you need to cancel the SLP processing to allow the manual duplication to proceed, first however if you create a touch file in the NetBackup bin directory NOexpire (note capitalisation) then the image expirey phase will be paused allowing you to extend the retention or perfrom your manual duplicatation.

Don't forget to remove the touch file once you have finished. Refer to this article for more details and warnings:

I would also suggest testing this on something non-important if possible to make sure the duplication is possible. 


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Best to find out why the SLP cannot complete.
Has anything changed in the enviroment? Maybe updated target STU?
Can you check all versions of the SLP?