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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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netbackup upgrade check error ping localhost

I want to upgrade from version 8.1.2 to 8.2, but when checking with the "Win_DCGUI" tool from I get an error, "Check Description: Checks if localhost could be resolved, pingable and pointed to itself.Results: The host name [localhost...

ndmp backup stops in middle of backup job

Hello people,Our ndmp filers can connect to the backup server but backupping the data is not going to complete.The others clients such as Windows file servers and linux machines backup state is perfect.The backup media master server is NB 8.1.2 on Wi...

Netbackup Avamar comparison

After running a report in Netbackup i would like to compair Kilobytes to the Avamar report.Avamar reports Bytes protected and Bytes New. Bytes Protected is significanty more and bytes new is signigicantly less.What does the Kilobytes column represent...

pdixon1 by Level 1
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Backup a share

Good Morning!I need to back up a shareExample:\\ mediaserver \ sharethis share was mapped and was as follows:W; \What happens is that I can't create a storage unit (Basic Disk) pointing to this shareCan someone help me?

Backup de um compartilhamento.

Bom dia!Estou precisando fazer um backup de um compartilhamentoExemplo:\\mediaserver\sharefoi mapeado esse compartilhamento e ficou da seguinte maneira:W;\O que acontece é que nao consigo criar uma storage unit (Basic Disk) apontando para esse compar...

Resolved! NetBackup media server not using local storage

Hi,We have 2 Microsoft failover cluster nodes with SQL role. Both nodes configured as NetBackup media servers to perform SAN backup to HPE StoreOnce catalyst appliance.We created a storage unit and added the 2 media servers to it. when the backup job...

Delete multiples clients from BMR clients list

Hi all,In Bare Metal Restore Management > Hosts > Bare Metal Restore Clients, I have a list of around 2000 clients. But in all of these machines, almost half must be removed. Is there a way to delete several clients in one operation? Which would go m...

Unable to find the oracle catalog in netbackup

Hi,We are unable to find the catalog of the oracle monthly backup even we dont expire the catalog.We use SLP as shown below:We cannot see the 10 years retention duplication.Thanks for help 


intermittently unsuccessful restores

Our Oracle DBAs perform their own restores using our NB (8.2). One of them has been having a problem : "Could someone please help me troubleshoot the error from the alert log?I ran into this error while restoring XYZPRDB database from 2017 October ba...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup 8.2 Flexible license On Prem Perpetual 5TB Smart Meter

I am getting ready to insatl  Vertas Netbackup ver 8.2This is the description and it also has a notice that I need to insatll the Smart  Meter application.  However I am on a closed network with no connectivity to any other networks and for sure not ...

Resolved! File server windows 2019 backup slowly

Hi all, I have a problem with file server backup, since we upgrade the OS of FS to Windows 2019, sometime it backup stay very slowly.The first time it occurs I fix it restarting my file server, after one month, the problem return.Only Inc backup occu...

Resolved! SAN backup for Oracle on Solaris client

Hello,We have a windows NetBackup master/media server (physical) running NBU 8.2. We have a solaris client (also physical) running Oracle. We want to configure SAN backup for Oracle on this client.My approach would be:1- Enable SAN client on the Sola...

Resolved! connectivity test command from client to master

Trying to find a coomand to test connectivity from netbackup client to master server other telent to ports 13782,13724.Tried to test using bptestnetconn but unable to determine if the output is correct or not as i am getting same result when the serv...

Storage Unit Group eligibility

I have 2 Basic Disk (Disk Staging) Storage units in a Storage Unit Group,   I need to increase the size of this storage.   Can I add my Tape drive storage units to the group while I take the disk units down ?

Restore without access-control attributes "Blocked"

NetBackup 8.2Olá! Preciso restaurar alguns arquivos de um local em meu servidor de arquivos, porém devido a permissões não posso acessar o local de origem. Estou restaurando os dados em um local externo em meu Media Server, porem não posso acessar os...