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Mark images in DSSU as eligible for deletion?

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Is there a way to tell a DSSU that the final destination storage unit already has copies of the images it holds and those images are eligible for deletion when the high water mark is reached without going through the whole data copy process?

We recently replaced our tape library with a relatively cheap NAS. The NAS was purchased and configured in a rush and now I am living with the consequences. Write rate is fine, but the read rate is abysmal. The destage process cannot keep up with the daily backup load, and if a backup tries to run at the same time as a destage, everything gets bogged down. As such, I cannot use DSSUs in the traditional manner until I can fix the NAS.

My intention was to backup to DSSU on the NAS followed by destage to cloud storage, but because of the performance issue I have resorted to inline copies with a shorter retention on the NAS copy.

The problem is I have two other DSSUs that need to feed into this NAS. Staging schedules support multiple inline copies, but AFAIK there is no option to change the retention of those copies in the schedule. It appears I would need to followup with a script to change the retentions of the NAS copy.

Which leads to the initial question. If possible, my thought is I would configure the other DSSUs to send a copy to the NAS DSSU and Cloud storage, specifying the Cloud as the final destination unit. Then tell the NAS DSSU its copies are eligible for deletion without having to mess with the image retentions.


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Unfortunately,  DSSU is pretty old mechanism and it gives you no control over individual images. The script  for expiring is the only solution.