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Media server : Use only one NIC

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Hi, Here's the situation. I have a master server, a media server and multiple clients. My media server (windows) has two NIC teaming with 2 NIC in one team and the other 2 NIC in the other team. I must have this configuration because my media physical server has a virtual disk on our SAN in an other subnet. How can i configure my media server to continu to use my first nic-team where my clients are ? must I modify the "Use specific Network interface" on the media server property ? This is an environment in production, so i can't play with this servers.


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Yes, you can set that option. The path chosen is also very much influenced by routing and name resolution. If you're clients resolve to addresses that can only be reached via 1 NIC (or IP), then you don't have to worry about it. Are these teams running the same of different subnets and are your clients reachable, or resolvable via the "storage network"?

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Are clients actually sending data via the other NIC that you don't want used for that?

I would first check DNS resolution and see which IP on your media server a client resolves it as.  Check both forward and reverse lookup.

For the moment I disabled the second Team because when i started this operation, all my backups are failed.

On each Team, you a have a different subnet.

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Riaan is correct.  However, if you can set via static routes that is a better option than PREFERRED_NETWORK.


This all is OS specifc as well, since different ones handle it differently. Looks like you are on Windows, I am not much help there,

I know some will automatically use the one the data comes in on, and others you have to set up the config.


I DO KNOW - netbackup is sensitive to this! If netbackup sends to system-backup and you reply from system, it will fail!

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