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Migration of Master server

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I have a master server with this specification

  • Phisical server
  • Windows 2008
  • Netbackup 8.1.1
  • 2 Disk pool connected by FC SAN

I want to migrate to a new virtual server windows 2019. I have read this kb

But i dont know if is possible this migration including this 2 disk pool (i should configure a hba passthrougth )



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You can not migrate 8.1.1 to a 2019 server as it is not supported. You have to install windows 2016.
I do not remember if 8.2 supports 2008 server, as 2008 is removed from the compatibility list. If someone confirm it, you can upgrade first and then move to 2019

As for storage, if you mount the disks to the same letters, I do not see any problem.

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Windows 2008 was last supported on 8.2, as per So yes should be able to upgrade to 8.2 first and then migrate to Windows 2019. I've not migrated a master with MSDP previously, but i believe it is probably possible if it follows exactly same layout as before. Maybe one for support to confirm.

It is supported hba passtrough for diskpool? I know that is not supported for tape library.

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for vmware

this is outside of netbackup, you have to check it with your VMware or HyperV support


Level 4

First update your NBU for v8.2 so upate your OS for Win2012 or 2016...I think Win2008 you not can jump for Win2019 directly.

In my environment I already did this process, but I create a new server with the same version of my NBU with Win2012 and did recovery catalog of my NBU ..everything is working have confirm same IP, drive letters.