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Multiple Vaulting of NDMP-Images

Level 3
 Hi Experts,
using a Netbackup 6.5.3 Master on a Solaris10 system i'm backing up a Netapp filer
with NDMP. Tape drives are direct connected to the filer as to the Master (SSO). 
So far, so good.
Backing up the filer runs good.
Vaulting the images of the filer is no problem.
Trying to vault these images to two tapes in one step is another story: 
Definition in vault dialog is only "create multiple copies". When i'm starting this
vaulting, i'm getting messages like:
Error bptm Inline Tape Copy not supported for NDMP
Error bpduplicate write host <server>: invalid command parameters(20)
Reading some documents i got: ITC (Inline Tape Copy) is not supported on a filer.
I think that a filer has no code for this (tricky?) SCSI commands to
synchronize two tapes. Understood.
But looking a little deeper in the system i saw the vaulting process mounting three 
tapes (one read, two write) not on the filer but on the Master Server itself - and
the Master server CAN use ITC (Another vaulting with "normal" data is dooing this
without problems)!
Can anybody explain this to me - maybe with an hint how to get this to work?
     thanks a lot