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NB Assigned Media ID

Level 4

Understand that NB will assign media ID or we can specify prefix if there is no barcode label.

My question is:

If the medias without barcode label were offsited and now I want to put it back to the library. How does NB detect the previously assigned ID and put it back to the correct pool ? I checked and may be I need to run vmphyinv to mount every tape and scan the header info but it is time consuming if I have many tapes. Is there a easier method or can NB GUI perform the similiar task ?


Level 3
Hi ,
First of all I have to say that managing un-borcoded tapes are really painful action. Now , after the mount operation Netbackup reads tape header and compares with it's media DB. If media is present and barcode matches no problem. If header or barcode is different Netbackup uses header information. It 's an intelligent behavior. You can change media location by using "move" option. For example go to Netbackup Admin Console -> Media and Device Management-> Media select single media from menu (right pane) and press right click than select move. You can change the location of media with this way. You must manage the media manually. I mean after the ejecting operation write your media ID to on your media otherwise you are in trouble.


Level 6
I highly suggest using barcode labels. But, not all libraries have barcode readers. When that happens it is important to do as Ermin suggested. Create your own label and afix it to the tape. I have used an existing cleaning tape label that I just turned over and wrote the A00001 label onto it and fastened it onto the tape. You can create your own labeling sequence when you use the new volume interface. If you simply place a new tape into a library it will use its own labeling scheme.