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Need SQL query for OPscenter analytics to generate report

Level 5
Partner Accredited

Hi Team,

I am using  OpsCenter analytics to generate reports and due to more than 50 paths included in Backup selection I could generate reports with some of path missing. This has been confirmed by Veritas Support Team .  I need to create  this report

with sql query. Please help with sql query for below requirement(Report is generated for one particular client for 3 months)

  Fileds : 

1) Master Server 

2) Media Server

3) Policy Name

4) client name ( Need only 1 client ) 

5) Media id

6) Job Type

7) Start Time

8) End Time

9) Status 

10) Size 

11) Retention

12) path of backup folders 


Thanks & Regards

Prajyot Katakdound




Level 5
Partner Accredited

Could anyone help on this issue ..