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NetBackup Catalog restore

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Hello everyone

Would like to seek a help. we have a master server and was reformat to install a updated RHEL version instead doing the OS upgrade. So we took a copy of catalog folder and other imporant files so we used same hostname but different IP. upon restoring the catalog via wizard we encountered a issue status 83.

ERR - Failed to execute command /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/bpdm -restoretir -jobid 11 -cn 1 -b nbu-master-01_1664208745 -c nbu-master-01 -priority 1 on host nbu-app-01 (83)


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"So we took a copy of the catalog folder and other important files."
How did you perform this?

did you use a command line tool like cp or rsync or you use netbackup catalog policy?

Get the files via winscp

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your posts are confusing. You are talking about winscp copy, then you are talking about catalog restore wizard. It is difficult for forum members to understand what was the backup/restore scenario here.



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If you do not backup the catalog with the proper netbackup procedure, why do you try to restore it with the wizard?

You have to stop netbackup services and copy back the files.

I have the filing that you made a mistake in copying the files with winscp. You have lost all file attributes and netbackup may not work. You had to tar to a file the directories first.
I hope that you had stop netbackup before you copy the files with winscp

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When you say you took a copy of the folder, do you mean the folder where NetBackup keeps the DRFile for the catalog backup?  
I would guess, (and it is a guess based on the limited information so far).  The DRFile is poiniting to a location for the catalog backup that was either:-
1) another folder on the rebuilt system, that no longer exists, and as such it can't find the image to restore...
2) it is a location on Advanced Disk or MSDP, and you have not re-configure that so NetBackup can't find it yet.

Please cut and paste the content of the DR file that you were looking to use to initiate the catalog recover.

Also confirm where you believe the original Catalog Backup policy was backing up to, and that the storage has been configured yet.

If it was TAPE, have you reconfigured the library and inventoried it?  
If it was Basic Disk, does the same path/folder exist?
If it was to storage on another media server have you configured that media server so the master can talk to it?
If a backup was via a diskpool, then you will need to have re-configured and set up the diskpool again so you can complete the restore.
See the following link for more info on reconfig of diskpools and then doing a nbcatsyc to get the DRFile corrected...