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Netbackup 7.7.3 see library but can't configure the drives

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Windows 2008 R2 Netbackup 7.7.3 Master Server

Library Eternus Fujitsu LT60S2 4xUltrium-HH7(IBM) LT0 7 tapes drives

I see the library in Windows, the drives. When I try to add the library in Nebackup, that's failed..

Netbackup see the library and the drives but I can't select the drives...I should configure the drive before... HOW and WHERE? ..



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I dont chhanged my opinion about zoning. But bad news:

regarding to veritas HCL

Windows 2008 is not supportet with LTO-7. The sam result I get in IBM SSIC

If I choose Windows 2008R2 no LTO-7 are available. or vice versa choose LTO-7 and in in OS List is Windows 20012 the only one from Redmont.

Sorry dont shoot the messenger



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The hostnames between the screenshots are different. Why would that be?

Think you have to select the drives (check the boxes) in picture 2.

In doubt if the drives are supposed to be on a remote host, but that explains the different host names.

Another thing the driver the tape drives seems not to be loaded in picture 1, as they are shown as other devices and not tape drives.

If the tape drive driver are installed, you maybe load by doing a update driver else you will probably have to reboot.

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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Hi yannlindemann

Could you update the Tape Drive Device Driver and try to configure the devices.


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Is this a new tape library you are trying to setup ? If so for the old library did you decomissioned everything properly ..?

It is important to understand on whihc host the library is been setup as pointed out by Mariaane

And then ensure that host has the driveres loaded and the server been rebooted before use.

Only then it is good to go for NBU configuration



Hi Marianne, the windows server and the netbackup consoles, master/media has a different names without any issue

We running this system since 5 years.


We had a SL500 storagetek library for 4 years but we replaced it one week ago for a Fuitsu Eternus  LT60S2 with HH7 LTO7 tapes drives

I upgraded the Netbackup Master and Media yesterday to 7.6 to 7.7.3 because I thought that we had a drivers issue in Netbackup. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. I'm able the see the robot in Windows and the drives in "other devices" with a question mark, as you can see in the screenshot.

This morning I found the IBM HH7 drivers in the IBM website. I installed them but nothing changed...

The Netbackup server's and the library are connected to a brocade switch without zoning. I able the see the WWN of the library drives in the switch so the connection's work to the switch.


One thing I'll do tomorrow is, connecting one fiber from the library directly to the Netbackup server HBA card. If I'm able the see the tape drive, It will be a begining..

Think you have to select the drives (check the boxes) in picture 2

No that's the issue, I can't select them

Another thing the driver the tape drives seems not to be loaded in picture 1, as they are shown as other devices and not tape drives

I downloaded the drivers from IBM this morning but nothing changed... the drives still appear in the others device..

Downloaded the drivers from IBM but I can't double click on the other device IBM Ultrium HH7 and select driver update.. I did but never found the drivers in the downloaded folder... So I installed them with the application which came with the drivers package, after the reboot, nothing changed..

As long as the tape drives shows as other devices they Netbackup will not be able to detect them as tape drives.

Seem to remember that the IBM installer needed an option to tell it to install the tape driver.

try to do installer -? or -help if you have not already.

When it works you should see files like lto.sys under the drivers folder in system32

The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

yes its a new library, the old one has broke.

I decomissioned the old library from Netbackup as described on the veritas website. I transfered all the tapes in the stand alone drive.

After that I removed the drives and the robot from Netbackup, rebooted as well.

Here the screenshot when I running the new robot setup.


The screenshot said something quite obvious:

Robot TLD(0) - xxxxxx
   Drive 1 (attached to remote host)

So why is it remote host? Can this be checked from the robot or zoning side?

Another thing to do, if you haven't , is to make sure there is no ghost devices left in your OS level:


You still have the tape drives shown as other devices, until you get them to show as tape drives in the OS there is no reason to try to configure them in Netbackup.


The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue

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As per previous posts - forget about NBU until the tape drivers have been installed successfully.

Have a look at this note regarding IBM tape drivers in NBU 7.7 HCL:

If using the IBM Windows Tape Device Drivers be sure to choose the install_nonexclusive.exe executable. This option permits a tape drive to be accessed by multiple processes on a Media Server, which is a requirement for NetBackup.
NetBackup requires the IBM Data Path Failover feature to be disabled on the IBM tape device driver. To disable this feature, open the reg folder of the IBM driver package, double-click DisableDPF.reg, and reboot the system.

After successful driver installation, confirm with 'scan' command.
Run this command from cmd  (<install-path>\veritas\volmgr\bin) on the master.
The robot and tape drives must be listed here.

Run the Device Config Wizard again. Be sure to only select the Master/Media server and not any Remote Console systems.
Only servers with devices attached (media servers) must be selected here.

Hi Marianne, I did the procedure as you wrote but, not able to see the tapes drives in windows, only other devices..

see the screenshot bellow

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Are any errors produced when you run the driver installation exe?
Anything in Event Viewer System or Application logs?

The drives are unusable without drivers.

You need to find assistance from a MS Windows admin or support person.
Or maybe IBM.... or Fujistsu... 

As long as Windows Device Manager sees the tape drives as 'Other Devices', there is nothing anyone from NBU point of view can do to assist you.

Only run 'scan' and Device Config wizard when the tape drives are showing up correctly in Windows Device Manager. 

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I have been digging around on the IBM web site as I am 99.9999% sure that the problem is with the tape driver or version of tape driver that you are trying to install.

Here are the URLs that I'm looking at:
Can you tell us which one you downloaded here?

This URL contains valuable info, such as 'HBA Restrictions' with specific reference to Emulex...

The User Guide:
This manual lists options that can be used from cmd with the installation exe, for example -d to run in debug mode and create a log file. 

Please go through these docs to see if anything helps...

HI, the driver that I downloaded is : IBMTape.x64_w08_6252 for Windows 2008R2

No errors during the installation, this morning I did a full uninstall before my installation to be sure that everything will be clean.

Will check the documentations, thanks Marianne, I knock my head on the wall..

I asked to the security team to give me access to the internet to fully update the servers.

The servers last update is 2012, maybe its why I can't configure the new library

Let you know

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Did you remove ghost devices from WIndows Device Manager

Also what is the output of scan command from Netbackup


I dont have a ghost devices, only the new tapes drives in other devices. I removed them, installed the new drives, scan, reboot etc. Still showing in other devices....

I did Marianne procedure, everything is running ok exept that this tapes drives isnt configured...

here the scan screenshot