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Netbackup install wizard runs in background

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Hello All,

I am having the following strange behavior during Netbackup upgrade. The second install screen that gets loaded by the setup.exe /SERVER command does not pop up the GUI as it normally does. This is happening on my master server running Windows 2016. Can anyone shed some lights?




Level 6
Not sure which window you are referring to. Possible to send some screenshots?

Hello Pats_729,

Unfortunately there isn't a way to get a screenshot of the installation because the GUI does not show up. I am trying to understand what's going on cause I've never seen this behavior before. I click browse.exe and select the first option and nothing happens.


Hello David
That’s really interesting. I Hope you’re launching the installer with “Run as Administrator”

Did you verified checksum of the installer files ? Sometimes a corrupt installer can also give some weird behaviour.

Last but not least Windows machines works better when they are rebooted :D:D:D. If possible try a reboot.

Hello Pats_729,

The only thing I haven't tried was the checksum. :(


HI @dtrostli1 

Have you checked the install logs to see if that tells you something - they will be found in C:\ProgramData\Veritas\NetBackup\InstallLogs


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I would have downloaded these binaries one more time. I recall situation where I did download some release and it was giving me issues... After opening a case it turned out that this version was updated and after downloading the same release but newer all my troubles went away...


Hello Davidmoline,

I have checked the log file but It does not tell much. I have also opened a case to further investigate this weird behavior.


Hello Quebek,

The binaries run fine in another Windows machine. I have also downloaded it a second time but this symptom remained the same. I have logged a case with support.