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Netbackup error code 1. Any issue in restoring any files due to the errors?

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At times, getting error code 1 for some backup and a rerun manually is successful.

On some other days, it was able to completed successfully.

No errors were seen. Any way to turn on more details logging to assist with troubleshooting?


Please share detailled status to take a first look on why you have status 1

IMHO, I don't ever ignore status 1 and I make sure the detailled in detailled status will not impact a restore later.

as for example status 1 for AD backup using GRT, is a huge problem, as it means you cannot restore AD objects because GRT backup didn't work, same for exchange.

So if it is regarding important files, you need to troubleshoot why you have that error.

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I guess that this is an FS backup.
I will say to you the same thing I say to my customers.

If you get exit code 1 at a database, AD or VM backups, then you have a problem. Backup missed one or more databases, VMs, ets.

If you get exit code 1 on a FS backup, then in general the backup is successful, and you can restore the FS without missing anything.
99% of exit code 1 at FS backups are log or temp files not needed for restoration. But there is 1% that may be a locked file that cannot be backed up and may be crucial for restores.

I suggest that you check these backups, and if the files that cannot be backed up are not needed, then exclude them from the backup. you may need to exclude a directory or an extension. Or both

Yes, is mostly FS backup example All local drives or some folders. Not much info showing which files or directory causing the errors. Is it possible to enable some debugging logs as to capture more info? Thanks.

Hi @Vincent_L 

The job details form the activity monitor should indicate the missed files (usually highlighted in red).

Failing that , enable bpbkar logging on client and after the backup runs, review the log file.


Job details of Activity monitor no indication of which files or folders are causing the backup failure. On some other occasions, it will show for other backup clients. 

At times a manual rerun and the backup passed without any errors. 

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Most of the time, if a backup job has only the status code in red and no other evidence then it is a parent job. There must be another job from the same policy that will have the missing files
Please post, as attachments, some jobs with status code 1