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Netbackup for VMware fetching hosts

Hi Everyone,

 I am aware that in VMware policy netbackup tries to connect to each media server configured to check if they can be VMware backup host or not, However I couldn't find a timeout value which i can set to check the media servers by Netbackup, is it the media server timeout? I don't think as its set to 900 seconds and i don't have many media servers.

Also is there way in 8.0 we can specify which server will be VMware backup host in 7.7.3 or atleast exclude media servers which shouldn't be checked for fitment?



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Re: Netbackup for VMware fetching hosts

Have you seen these sections in NBU for VMware manual?

Adding the VMware backup host to NetBackup

And Backup options on the VMware tab :

VMware backup host

Re: Netbackup for VMware fetching hosts

Thanks Marriane for the reply, I am aware of these technotes, However what i am talking about is when you edit or create a VMware policy it tries to find out any media server which could possibly be VMware backup host, I am looking to restrict that, I want to either exclude certain media servers which are not even checked to be in the drop down in VMware tab of the policy. Or I want to find out the timeout setting for each media server to rule it out from drop down if it doesn't connects in that timout.

As I could see it takes ages to and policy stays at fetching netbackup hosts.

Re: Netbackup for VMware fetching hosts

Anyone, any response? Though i am adding VM from command line, but its a cumbersome process.

Re: Netbackup for VMware fetching hosts

Are you talking about how it can take awhile to load the a VMware policy?

Do you have multiple virtual machine servers configured in credentials?