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Not able to view Netbackup backups from SAP HANA studio

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We are trying to restore SAP HANA DB from the month of April'19. However, when we are trying to browse the backup catalog from HANA studio, the backup is not visible for more than 60 days. The last available date is May 30th.

However, we can see the backup image from Netbackup catalog which is retained for 7 years. I have attached the policy detail, bplist output(refer output.txt) from the client and the output from HANA studio for reference.

Can someone please help?

Let me know if any further information is required.


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Where do you see 7 years? 

The retention in your schedule is only 6 weeks:

Schedule: Default-Application-Backup
Type: UBAK SAP (2)
Frequency: 7 day(s) (604800 seconds)
Excluded Dates----------
No specific exclude dates entered
No exclude days of week entered
Retention Level: 19 (6 weeks)

Do you have another policy with different retention level? 

At the end of the financial year, we change the retention level to 7 years and do a backup. I will attach the snap from NBU catalog shortly.

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Thanks for clarifying that.

So, catalog information is stored in NetBackup catalog and SAP HANA catalog.

You need to find out how retention is configured in the SAP HANA catalog and if there is a way to sync the 2 catalogs. 
I cannot find NBU documentation for this (only docs for Oracle RMAN catalogs), nothing for HANA.
Maybe check the SAP HANA documentation? 


Check this for me and tell us what the value is for 'Number of SQL Objects to Retrieve'.

In HANA Studio, goto Windows->Preference->SAP HANA->Administration->Backup Console