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Oracle Restore to Another Machine


I'm try to Restore Controlfile using RMAN , and give the error below :

RMAN> run {
2> set controlfile autobackup format for device type 'sbt_tape' to '%F';
3> allocate channel ch00 device type 'sbt_tape';
4> send 'NB_ORA_SERV=bhpnbsrv, NB_ORA_CLIENT=psftdbsrv';
5> restore controlfile from '/ctrl_dHRPROD_uq8ts0gds_s21320_p1_t1002455484
6> }


allocated channel: ch00
channel ch00: SID=63 device type=SBT_TAPE
channel ch00: Veritas NetBackup for Oracle - Release 7.6 (20131113)

sent command to channel: ch00

Starting restore at 11-MAR-19

released channel: ch00
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS ===============
RMAN-00571: ===========================================================
RMAN-03002: failure of restore command at 03/11/2019 17:03:40
ORA-27191: sbtinfo2 returned error

Please any sugestion would be very helpful.


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Re: Oracle Restore to Another Machine


We need more info, please. 
Have you configured altnames on NBU master?

Can you use bplist command on the destination host to list backups for source client?  

/usr/netbackup/bin/bplist  -C <source-client> -t 4 -l -R /

The oracle user running bplist command and/or rman restore must have same user id number or same group id as on source client.

It seems as if you are missing a trailing ' after control file name:


Have you tried with '/ctrl_dHRPROD_uq8ts0gds_s21320_p1_t1002455484'  ?

TN with steps to restore control file:

Are you aware that NBU 7.6.x ran out of support a couple of years ago? 

Re: Oracle Restore to Another Machine

Since you are specifying a server name as well as a client name just a slight modification to the bplist command shared by @Marianne

Please run the bplist command as below from the destination client where you are initiating the restore from

bplist -S bhpnbsrv -C psftdbsrv -t 4 -l -R /ctrl_dHRPROD_uq8ts0gds_s21320_p1_t1002455484

Re: Oracle Restore to Another Machine

Have you configured your alt names for re-directed restores?


Where client_name is the name of the client that is allowed to perform the redirected restore (the destination client). To the file, add the name of the NetBackup for Oracle source client.

You can put the no.restrictions file in there to allow anything to restore to anywhere but I strongly advise against it.

Re: Oracle Restore to Another Machine

Seems @abiand registered here a week ago, posted above question, and never came back to look for answers....  Smiley Sad