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Please verify the configuration with me.

Level 4

We have:
NetBackup Ent. 7.0/7.1
NetApp filer 2040HA with a large space of SATA drives, and with NDMP, and Deup etc.

We had the other Vendor's backup software before, and now we are planning on using NB to take care of all backups in the company. Since we already have NetApp storage, we want to continue to utilize it for the first stage of backups. The following is our configuration:

We are going to setup AdvancedDisk disk pool. Before that, we will be provisioning a few large size of NetApp FC Lun's onto Media server, and they will be added into the disk pool, and will be used in creating Storage Unit on Master server.

Clients data will be backed up to NetApp storage first.

Data on the storage will be NDMP dumpled to tapes. Before that, NDMP host (NetApp storage) and policy will be also configured in NetBackup. Tape library will be configured on the NDMP host.

All these information will be stored in NB catalog.

This will be the solution in general we are planning on.
I know this is a high level layout, there might be some details we need to fill, or may not be so complete. But, would you please verify with me if this solution overall seems alright? If not, what part of it I need to correct.

You advices will be very helpful here. Thank you in advance!




Level 6

as u said  "if this solution overall seems alright? " -----  solution will be depend on business need & your existing environment (number of VM & physical host)

"We are going to setup AdvancedDisk disk pool." -----  depends on what solution you are planning.....why you think AdvancedDisk disk pool ?? 

"Data on the storage will be NDMP dumpled to tapes."  ---  are you planning for remote NDMP ??

1st you should decide solution, b'coz netbackup licensing (cost $ ) is depend on the solution.

Level 4

Any new comments please?

Level 4

 Your 2nd, 3rd, and last question seem related
   We already have had AdvancedDisk license, so, we don't want to pay more for other license. Also, it seems pretty straightforward.

 NDMP host (NetApp), and NetApp as well as Media and Master server all are located in the same site.

 Would this solution, technically alright?