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Preserve Expiration Date/Time after duplication

Level 3

Hi all.

I duplicated backup images from a PureDisk to a new BasicDisk.

Then i connected the BasicDisk to a new Netbackup system and imported the duplicated images on the BasicDisk to build up a new catalog. Everything worked well but the expiration date/time is not coorect. The retention time in the policy in the "old" system (PureDisk) was 1 year. The retantion time of the imported backups in the new system is also 1 year but not from the original time of the backup but from the time i imported the backups.

Is there any way to preserve the "original" expiration date/time on the new system?




Level 4

well that process is working by design.. the imported image has same "retention level" as the original backup image but new expiration date is calculated as the import date plus the retention period defined currently in Host Properties for the original backup's retention level.

so in order to match the original expiration date, you may have to change retention level setting in your new server.I am sure that retention period for 1 year has same level in both masters

Hi @ps14 

If you want to retain expiration times from the original backup, why not look at AIR to do the job (this will also save the effort of the 2 phase import at the target). 

Otherwise - what @Azhar4 said - working by design (otherwise if you imported an old tape to recover something, it may immediately expire which would be annoying).