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Re: media ID not unique in database (34)

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Jan 26, 2021 3:16:28 PM
Robot: TLD(7) on mdrbu1
Operation: Inventory and Update
EMM Server: mbganbu1
Generating list of recommended changes ...

Proposed Change(s) to Update the Volume Configuration
Logically add new media CLN170 (barcode CLN170L1) to robot slot 27.
Logically add new media CLN175 (barcode CLN175L1) to robot slot 42.
Logically add new media CLN176 (barcode CLN176L1) to robot slot 43.
Logically add new media CLN177 (barcode CLN177L1) to robot slot 44.
Logically add new media CLN174 (barcode CLN174L1) to robot slot 45.
Logically add new media CLN171 (barcode CLN171L1) to robot slot 58.
Logically add new media CLN172 (barcode CLN172L1) to robot slot 59.
Logically add new media CLN173 (barcode CLN173L1) to robot slot 60.
Logically add new media CLN178 (barcode CLN178L1) to robot slot 61.
Logically add new media CLN179 (barcode CLN179L1) to robot slot 62.
Logically add new media CLN165 (barcode CLN165L1) to robot slot 63.
Logically add new media CLN166 (barcode CLN166L1) to robot slot 70.
Logically add new media CLN167 (barcode CLN167L1) to robot slot 71.
Logically add new media CLN168 (barcode CLN168L1) to robot slot 80.
Logically add new media CLN169 (barcode CLN169L1) to robot slot 85.
Logically add new media CLN160 (barcode CLN160L1) to robot slot 86.
Logically add new media CLN161 (barcode CLN161L1) to robot slot 100.
Logically add new media CLN162 (barcode CLN162L1) to robot slot 102.
Logically add new media CLN163 (barcode CLN163L1) to robot slot 104.
Logically add new media CLN164 (barcode CLN164L1) to robot slot 120.
Updating volume configuration ...

Processing new media added to the robotic library by logically
adding media with new media IDs as follows...
Media ID Slot
======== ====

Update failed: could not add new media ID 'CLN170' into slot 27
Insert media failed:
media ID not unique in database (34)



1.We have TLD6 & 7 robots same roboots we have media ID CLN170-179 cleaning taps loaded.

2.TLD6 we could see the tape slots, but same can't be found in TLD7, why not able to see ?

3.Due to this we are unable to update CLEANING tapes in TLD7.

Planing:- Trying to reomove the tapes from TLD6(which is not required), TLD7 is running out of cleaning tapes.

Help/Advice needed need on this.

# /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid CLN170
NBEMMCMD, Version: 8.1.2
Media GUID: 6a6d903c-2355-11eb-8000-e96e1d752af9
Media ID: CLN170
Partner: -
Media Type: HC_CLN
Volume Group: 000_00006_TLD
Application: Netbackup
Media Flags: 1
Description: Cleaning Tape
Barcode: CLN170L1
Partner Barcode: --------
Last Write Host: NONE
Created: 10/11/2020 13:05
Time Assigned: -
First Mount: -
Last Mount: -
Volume Expiration: -
Data Expiration: -
Last Written: -
Last Read: -
Robot Type: TLD
Robot Control Host: mbganbu1
Robot Number: 6
Slot: 101
Side/Face: -
Cleanings Remaining: 92


/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbemmcmd -listmedia -mediaid CLN165
NBEMMCMD, Version: 8.1.2
The function returned the following failure status:
volume does not exist in database (35)
Command did not complete successfully.



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@Sridhart97 wrote:


Update failed: could not add new media ID 'CLN170' into slot 27
Insert media failed:
media ID not unique in database (34)



1.We have TLD6 & 7 robots same roboots we have media ID CLN170-179 cleaning taps loaded.



You cannot have same barcodes/labels in 2 libraries.

Media IDs need to be unique across the entire NBU domain.

Thanks for your reply.i my understanding also the same for CLN170-179 tapes in TLD6
But other rapes CLN160-169 are different robot TLD7 why this also showing error

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We see that CLN170 is in TLD(6).

If you have removed the tape from TLD(6) and inserted into TLD(7), it means that you did not eject the tape through NBU or perfomed a logical 'move' afterwards.

According to NBU, CLN170 is still in TLD(6). You cannot add this tape to TLD(7) before you have updated NBU config for TLD(6).

TLD6 is located in Europe and TLD7 is located in Asia,

The issue what i noticed that smae media ID's CLN170-179 is insterted in both the TLD6&7, but CLN160-169 tapes are instered only in TLD7 why we are not able see and update the inventory in TLD7 ?

# /opt/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -m CLN170
media ID: CLN170
media type: 1/2" cleaning tape (13)
barcode: CLN170L1
media description: Cleaning Tape
volume pool: None (0)
robot type: TLD - Tape Library DLT (8)
robot number: 6
robot slot: 101
robot control host: mbganbu1
volume group: 000_00006_TLD
vault name: ---
vault sent date: ---
vault return date: ---
vault slot: ---
vault session id: ---
vault container id: -
created: 10 November 2020 13:05:32 UTC
assigned: ---
last mounted: ---
first mount: ---
expiration date: ---
cleanings left: 92
# /opt/openv/volmgr/bin/vmquery -m CLN163
Could not query by media ID CLN163: volume does not exist in database (35)

Next step:-

CLN170-179 i will eject the tapes from TLD6 and update the  inventory in TLD6 and later that will performTLD7 inventory will this work right and resolve the issue right...

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Cleaning tapes, so hopefully they contain no backups ....

Just delete them from NBU (in GUI under media) and then attempt to readd them by running the inventory.  As the media IDs won't exist (you deleted them) there can be no conflict.

Edit to say, once you have physically moved them to the new library.

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You cannot have same media ID's CLN170-179 in both the TLD6&7.

The master server has ONE volume table for ALL media in the EMM database.
Not one volume table per robot or media server.

So, although the robots are in different locations, NBU database cannot have duplicate media id's.

You need to have different tape labels for TLD6&7.

Hi Guys,

We have ejected the tapes from170-179 from TLD6 and performed the Inventory update on TLD7 now looks good.



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Please remember that you cannot put 170-179 back into TLD6.

Another problem with the same labels, is that NBU thinks that you have physically put the same tapes into TLD7 and just carry on tracking the number of cleans/mounts etc.