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Replication Director error

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I'm trying to get Replication Director (using NBU7.6.0.1) working with a couple of NetApp 3220's and have followed this guide:

Which has been very helpful. I have followed it very closely except haven't got licenses for Snapvault, iscsi, fcp or snapdrive but don't think I need them for what I'm doing. All I'm trying to do is backup a cifs share via snapshot from one filer to the other and then backup to tape. I have setup the DFM resource pool, storage units, SLP and policy as instructed but I am getting an error on creating the policy that says:

snapshot method OST_FIM does not support snapshot duplication/replication

I have selected 'Use Replication Director' under 'Snapshot Client and Replication Director'.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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What storage units are you using in your SLP?


"The OST_FIM method works only if the Policy storage attribute points to a storage lifecycle policy that contains a snapshot-capable storage unit."

Configuring a policy for use with Replication Director on Windows