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Restore Button not Response

I am trying to restore a virtual machine using the NetBackup 8.1 Administration Console.

I specified the machine and policy type, and I got the display about the source of the contents. However, when I click the "Restore" button at the right bottom, there is no response. This button is not greyed-out and I can click it, but just there is nothing happening.

If I switch the restore type from "Virtual Machine Backups" to "Normal Backups", and choose a file or folder to restore, the "Restore" button works (pops up the "Restore Marked Files" window).

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Re: Restore Button not Response

How log did you wait?

Re: Restore Button not Response

If this is still an issue, you may want toy check the bprd log to see what happened with the restore submission.

If bprd log folder does not exist on the Master, please create it and restart NBU to enable the log.

Try the restore again.
If the same happens (i.e. nothing...) then please copy the log file in bprd folder to bprd.txt and upload here.