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Standalone to cluster setup migration - DB & files migration for Netbackup

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Hello , we are planning to change the setup to have a cluster setup instead . currently the DB and images located under C:/ we need to move them to the SAN volume under D:/ . Checked online KBs but the mentioned workaround on 000007808 isn’t applicable as the pointer files will remain on C: and this will require a change on all the folders which are more than 300 clients , any workaround to change the DB schema or registry to point to the new location ?


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you need to engage the Veritas consulting team for this activity.

For advanced migrations, not covered or prohibited in the documents above, to insure data integrity and seamless operation, operations must be performed by a certified VERITAS consultant or Consulting Partner, as they are not supported operations.

VERITAS has developed comprehensive methodologies to handle a variety of reconfiguration requirements including the following scenarios:

  • Migration from an existing master server to a NetBackup appliance master server
  • Merging of two or more domains
  • Splitting of a domain into two or more domains
  • Clustering of a non-clustered Master Server
  • Renaming of a Master Server or Media Server
  • Moving a Master Server to a new machine involving a host name change
  • Moving a Master Server to a different platform/operating system (Windows to Linux/Unix or Linux/Unix to Windows)
  • Un-clustering a clustered Master Server


I passed by it, but there should be a way to deploy it without the PS services

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There is,you can do yourself following the Manuals/Technotes about it , BUT this is not recommended.

Veritas consulting team have tools to do this reducing the risk of data loss, for example, you I'll need assistance from Consulting Partner to perform catalog manipulation.

As @RamNagalla, said, this is safest way to do this.