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I have couple of RHEL servers which started giving the backup error and failed with status code 42. I am getting the following error. 5/20/2017 7:19:13 PM - Info bpbkar32(pid=3527) done. status: 42: network read failed, so the job runs for 4 hours and after that i get this error. Other jobs and clients are working perfectly fine.

My Enviornment:

Netbackup 7.6 servers running Windows 2008
Client 7.6 getting backed up is RHEL 6

Thanks for the Help.


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Re: Status Code 42


Is this backup failing for a particular media server or are failing for any media of your environment?

If was failing for a particular media server, take a look this TN:


Other thing, your media server are Windows 2008, right? Have you applied these patchs? Keep in mind that NBU 7.6 its not supported by Veritas.



Thiago Ribeiro

Re: Status Code 42

Thanks for your response, so these 2 media servers are also backing up other clients without any issue. There are only 2 clients which are having this issue. I also want to share that the policy does have other clients and all worked fine. I also tried to move this client to a new policy, but the result was same. 

Re: Status Code 42



Ok the fail are restritec for two cliets, this status code 42 indicate some network problem, so take a looke this TN, there are some troubleshooting.

Other thing, catch the bpbkar logs and send us.


Thiago Ribeiro

Re: Status Code 42


 The status 42 is related network issue.

Have you tried to use the resilience option?

This is not permanent solution but it can help you to downgrade the severity.

Article URL:http://www.veritas.com/docs/000121396

Article URL:http://www.veritas.com/docs/000120788