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Taking Backup of Client/Media server 8.3 with Net backup master server 7.6

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Hi everyone,

We have a big backup environment with a 7.6 solaris10 master server. I understand that we are not able to take Exchange 2019 backup with lower (client/media) version than 8.x so I installed Media server 8.3 on Exchange 2019 and tried taking backup with my low version master server 7.6 and it worked! my question is if anyone has any idea about this situation and is there any risk to keep up with this situation, with lower master server agent than client?

P.S.  we are not able to upgrade our master server at this time.

Thank you 




Thanks David, I understood your notes.

Hi @support2015 

As to what you are licensed for - you will find that on your entitlement certificate, last renewal quotation or more simply in the entilement section of VEMS ( - then click on licensing). 

The tiers are a little more complex to describe, but relate to the server type and populated CPU socket count. Windows,  Linux and Solaris X64 have 4 tiers based on socket count. Unix systems the cpu counts are different but still there are just the 4. If you have NDMP (NAS Filers), there is another tiering model for these (but again 4 tiers). If you want more details, you will need to chat to your account team.

The utility nbdeployutil will (for traditional gathering mode) connect to each configured client and determine the CPU count and so determine the client tiering. It will assign the server to a specific tier or if it is unable to determine this will be unknown.

For advanced features (such as media server, application and database pack etc.) tiering is used to determine the price for the license. Basic client licenses are not tiered.