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Upgrade Appliance 5230

Level 5

Hi Dear Community,

We need to upgrade the version  (OS) from 2.7.3 to the new version. What do we need to do? Which path do we need to follow?

is the old version agent compatible with the new version OS?

The client version is 7.7.3.

Best Regards,




Level 6

@Tabriz - generate an upgrade checklist from SORT

It shows that the 5230 appliance received updates to version and you can upgrade to that version. Here is the checklist link for you [5230 2.7.3 ->].


Level 4


We're going through the same thing now.

First off, you should download and install the 'Appliance Upgrade Readiness Analyzer' which will let you know if you're ready to upgrade or what steps need to be done before you can continue.

Second, you'll need to download a few documents:
1. NetBackup Appliance Upgrade Guide
2. NetBackup Pre-upgrade Checklist
3. NetBackup Post Upgrade Checklist

Lastly, if your system is like mine, you'll need a couple updates:
1. BIOS and Disk Firmware update
2. MSDP Fingerprint Pre-conversion

You can also open a case with Veritas for guidance. While it's difficult to get NBU application support due to software versions, they've been very generous helping with upgrade questions.

Hope that helps.


@JasonRkr  Thank you very much for the valuable information!

Hi @JasonRkr,

where do l have to install Appliance Upgrade Readiness Analyzer? in Appliance or another client?


Best Regards,



Hi @Tabriz 

You need to transfer it on the appliance you want to upgrade. Then "install" the RPM - this will run the AURA tool and will either alert you to what is required before you can upgrade (e.g. BIOS update, lack of space, or not recently rebooted). 

Before you can upgrade, the AURA tool must pass - you will notice when it completes, the tool will indicate whether the appliance is eligible for an upgrade or not. You can run the tool multiple times - it doesn't actually install anything, but runs a set of scripts and creates a flag to allow an upgraed to proceed. Note you will not be able to upgrade the appliance until the AURA tool indicates it is possible.

The instructions for using the tool and performing the upgrade are available via the software download portal. 



It's installed on the appliance.