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Upgrade from 7.5.x.x to 8.0

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I would like to know if I can install 8.0 version on version or do I need to first upgrade to 7.7.3 and then for 8.0.

Are there any issues with the latest version ?

I have memory of 12 GB RAM in the server and if this can handle the process as I have encountered problems in taking large volumes (15-20TB) as per veritas they said there is a memory issue.

Any other inputs will be highly appreciated.


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you can upgade to 8.0 directly from 7.5.. make sure you go through the upgrade guide and release notes

the minimum memroy required for 8.0 is 8 GB, however it is minimum.. based on the load on the master server it will change...

even though master server needs more processing power then the Memory , and media servers needs more memory.

be sure you follow the best practicies to get best out of the avaliable resources, even after if you have the perfromance issue you need to increase the resources

Thanks for the info Ram.

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I fully agree wih RAM.

See NetBackup 8.0 Download Information :

Extremely important to read through Installation and upgrade guides.

You will see that NBU 8.0 now enforces a Web Service Account.
Best to create this user account prior to installation or upgrade using this TN listed in the Installation Guide:

Release Notes, Installation Guide, Upgrade Guide and other NBU docs can be downloaded here:

NBU 8.0 Documentation:

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I can't make my test enviroment run with 12GB of RAM. Consider to go for 32GB or more

RAM block are cheap!

Always run a SORT assesment before proceeding with a upgrade. You can download the SORT data collector tool from

Sample report: