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Use RMAN to backup number of copies of archive log

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Hi ,

I hope you're doing well, I have a problem here, I want to have multiple backups for my oracle's Archive log area in two different media servers and I need them to be executed using RMAN.

I've to say that we have a STU type of BasicDisk and I don't want to use SLP approach.

Is there any suggestions you can make?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello @elahe89 

I must say this is an ancient way of duplicating backups from basic disk to final destination but its still valid and yet effective.

You can make use of Basic Disk Staging Storage units. Please read more about it here --

Hope it helps.

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Backup the archives files into two different storage units.

When performing arch01 - select STU1

When performing arch02 (second copy delete) - select STU2.

You may want to look into Netbackup OIP for automating backup of Oracle. It's easy to use.

can you please elaborate more on this solution? 

I made a staging disk and as below and named stage1. final destination storage unit named stg1.

staging disk.PNG

 then I have an Oracle typed policy that has a Full Backup schedule type. then I added another schedule to save a copy of my backups to the stg1. 


the schedule that I added has the following setting:I checked the override policy storage selection and I chose stg1.



I want this schedule to be done right after the main backup generates, but when I manually run it , it just writes the data to the storage unit which it was configured for the policy and not the override storage unit.

what should I do now?


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hi @elahe89 

You need a policy with type = Oracle to do Oracle backup. The screendumps below looks like they are from a file system policy. File system policy does work with Oracle backup as the database is not in a consistent state, thus backup will be worthless.

In the oracle policy you create two different schedules. schedule 1 follow the storage unit defined in the policy. The seconds schedules you use the "override policy storage unit" and point storage unit 2.

From RMAN script to select either schedule 1 or schedule two depending on requirements.

If you are a new user of Oracle - Netbackup OIP is your friend.

Please see :