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User Creation

Level 3

Hi Team,

How to create NetBackup users and assign rights to the users?


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hi @MalikShahab 

You need to be a bit more specific in your request. Right now your question is like "do I need a dinghy ?"

You may be able to find the answer in the Veritas NetBackup™ Security and Encryption Guide


Level 4

To create a NetBackup user account:

  1. Open an SSH session on the NetBackup appliance
  2. Log on as admin
  3. Enter the following command:
    • Main > Manage > NetBackupCLI > Create UserName (where UserName is the name to be used for the new user).
  4. Enter a password for this new user account
  5. A confirmation message appears stating the new user account was created successfully.

add the user in auth.conf file with required priviliges

creatign user this way will have limited access to the server CLI and will be able to browse JAVA as per defined priviliges

Thanks Azhar4,

can you please guide how to assign administrator rights?