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VM and Linux Backup Operations in Z System

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Hello everyone,
I work in an institution where the Mainframe system is used. Our backup structure for VM and Linux is tape backup over 1 lpar and there is an OSA card definition for each Linux. We also use suse. Is there a different method or document you can recommend for VM and Linux backups on mainframe systems?
Thank you from now.


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there is no procedure to backup aix and linux on lpar as VMs. You have to install netbackup agent and treat them as physical machines.

And I think that a mainframe system is different than lpars (power systems)

Hi StefanosM,

Additionally I have a few more questions.

1-Can I use the Netbackup agent on mainframe systems? If the answer is yes, what method should I follow for vm and linux backup? If the answer is no, what is the reason?

2-Is the Netbackup agent a product used more for open systems rather than mainframes?