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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Image Cleanup error

Good afternoon,Could you help me with the event below:Nov 07, 2022 12:31:41 AM - Info bpdbm (pid=112627) image catalog cleanupNov 07, 2022 12:31:41 AM - Info bpdbm (pid=112627) Cleaning up tables in the relational databaseNov 07, 2022 12:31:41 AM - I...

gise84 by Level 2
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Hello,im encountering issue with process called nbtelepush that uses up a lot of machines CPU. Does anyone have any idea what this process does and if i can kill it manually? The process is running for two days on the machine

rasnagy by Level 1
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Errors while creating a SRT(RHEL)

HiI am now trying to run a BMR.So, when I am creating the SRT, I get the following error and cannot create it.The information on the server I am using is below.Master server: Windows Server 3029 StdBoot server: RHEL 8.6Netbackup ver: ar...

mndbnbp by Level 3
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One Backup is taking much time to complete

Hi,In our environment, One backup is taking much time to complete (6 hrs approx for 16GB size).We haven't made any changes in recent times. Details:Netbackup version: 8.1.1Master server OS:  AIX 7.1Media Server OS : AIX 7.1Please help.

114 by Level 4
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Resolved! mdsp catalog

I have a question about protecting the MSDP catalog on a media server.  We currently have a 5240 appliance that is acting as the Primary server and then we also have a separate media server that has a PureDisk storage connected to it.  Currently we a...

Resolved! Does BMR restore recovery partition?

HiI am currently testing BMR in NetBackup environment.When I checked the disk view from the configuration  of the client to be restored from the BMR Restore Client,the recovery partition is not displayed.The EFI system partition is visible.Wi...

mndbnbp by Level 3
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Resolved! How to backup NBU using its self?

We have NBU 8.3.02 installed on a Windows 2019 VM and would like to configure a VM backup of the server using NBU. Is this possible and is there any documentation outlining the steps? 

Resolved! Transfer NBU backup images from Data Domain to ECS EX500

Hello Team, Wondering if there's a document/procedure for transferring NetBackup backup images from EMC Dell Data Domain disk storage to an EMC Dell ECS EX500 device.  Will need to transfer/copy 1,000s of primary backup images from older Data Domains...

Resolved! 8.1.2 - 9.1 Upgrade. OST

I am looking to upgrade to 9.1.In the upgrade checklist there is this sectionOST Secondary Storage Solutions - General Information for ServerThis feature is not supported on this platform. We use a Data Domain system and connect using OST, Is it no l...

Resolved! Unable to restore (Bare Metal Restore)

Hi.Please tell me about Bare Metal Restore in Netbackup.I created a boot media for restore with Bare Metal Restore.I tried to restore using it, but I got an error.Error message"The restore has stopped due to the following error:Unable to configure ne...

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mndbnbp by Level 3
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Resolved! Unable to install Netbackup client on Linux

Hello everyone.I am Japanese.I am using a translation web site to write this post.So sorry if I am using wrong English.I have now installed the Netbackup client on RHEL8.I am getting an error that it cannot communicate with the master server.The inst...

mndbnbp by Level 3
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Unknown SLP name

Hi VOXers, I am dealing with an issue regarding SLP on Netbackup version (master and media on redhat) The problem is as follows: When we run nbstlutil report, we have multiple lines like below: Unknown SLP name <AIR_SLP_1> version 0Unknown SL...

Hamza_H by Moderator
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Is netbackup master server affected by CVE-2022-42889?

Is netbackup master server affected by CVE-2022-42889? Thanks. Master Server Version  CVE-2022-42889

kennylo by Level 2
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Setup NetBackup Lan Free

 I would config lan free backup in netbackup  for os. I searched in different websites but I didn't find configuration.The FC infrastructure is available and ready, I just want to configure the NetBackup 9.0.1) Win2019 (master, media in a single phys...

NetBackup Snapshot Manager adds Managed Identity in Azure

Hi Friends, Veritas NetBackup Snapshot Manager (NBSM) for Azure now provides users the ability to choose their authentication method using either the existing service principal based method or managed identity, which is available in NetBackup 10.1 an...

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GNeil by Level 4
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Resolved! SLP fail on a specific mdsp

Hi all,I have the impression that these SLP policies do not like me very much... Until recently they all worked well by correctly saving the images concerned by SLP policies. But recently, and without knowing why (reboot, loss of config, other?) I se...

restore corrupt blocks of datafile from bplist

I have a data file with corrupted blocks, when I run from rman a BLOCKRECOVER DATAFILE 21 BLOCK 1233748; Can't find backup to restore I launch a bplist from the master How do I get these copies of bplist to be active in rman to perform blockrecover ...

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