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VMware Backups with NetBackup 7.5 Beta

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Hey Guys,


I recently installed NetBackup 7.5Beta and was testing VMware single pass backups for Exchange. Unfortunatelly this Beta comes with admin guides for 7.1. Does anyone succeeded to take a single pass vmbackup of the exchange server? If so - what are the requirements and how to restore the data?


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Take a look at the NetBackup_AdminGuide_MSExchg_Win.pdf guide chapter 4 for NBU 7.5 Manual "DRAFT".

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Hi Sebastian,

  Thank you for participating in beta program. I confirmed with engineering that Exchange and SharePoint single pass backup features are not in first beta drop (beta 1). This will be available in a future drop.

  We apologize for the inconvenience this might have caused.

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No worries guys. Thanks for checking this for me. At least I tried as many possible scenarios as I could to find out if it is working.



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Confirmation of 'single pass' contained in Beta 2:

The Beta 2 for NetBackup 7.5 will include additional features in the following areas.  More information about the content in this Beta will be available in subsequent correspondence.

  • Primary Replication Management
    • OST plug-in Architecture for NetApp and FileStore integration
    • End to end,D2D2TPolicy Management w/ SnapShots, SnapVault&SnapMirror & NDMP
    • NAS support for file services
    • File level browse and restore from snapshots and backups
    • Import of existing SnapVault and SnapMirror replication relationships
    • Auto-discovery of unprotected data
    • Job activity monitoring: success/failure/status/progress
  • Deduplication
    • Media Server Dedupe on AIX 7.1
    • Stream handler EMC
  • Virtualization
    • Any-level recovery for the following Windows application VMs:

Single-pass VM backup provides any-level recovery: VM, file, database, items

Database-level recovery for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server

Item-level recovery for Exchange, SharePoint

  • Support for the following applications:

Exchange 2003 and later

SharePoint 2007 and later

SQL Server 2005 and later

  • VMware vSphere5 support
  • Load-balancing enhancements
  • vCenter Event Logging