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Veritas NetBackup Can Now Backup and Recover Cloud Object Stores!

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Hi Friends,

Due to the flexibility of cloud object storage many applications are being built to run specifically in cloud object stores.  Veritas NetBackup now has the ability to backup and recover cloud object stores in Azure, AWS, GCS, HCP, IBM, COS, Ceph and more.

For a complete demo, please see the following videos:

1. Back up and Recovery of Cloud Object Stores - Adding Credentials and Creating Workloads - 1of3:

2. Backup and Recovery of Cloud Object Stores - Creating Policies - 2of3:

3. Back up and Recovery of Cloud Object Stores - Backup and Recovery - 3of3:

Why Protect Cloud Object Storage?

Cloud object storage is incredibly flexible and can be used to store multiple types of data.  Due to its popularity, and scalability a powerful backup strategy and toolset is needed to ensure:

  • Compliance
    • Proof of protection to auditors (internal and external).
    • Archive in a separate storage ecosystem.
  • Cost controls
    • Versioning and replication are expensive compared to deduplicated backups.
  • Scale
    • Tens of millions of object per bucket/1000’s of buckets.
  • Ransomware and cyber protection
  • Multi and hybrid cloud including support of cloud exit strategy

Veritas NetBackup offers many differentiators that make it the clear choice to backup your cloud object stores including:

  • Cloud cost optimization
    • Cloud API cost optimization to keep operating costs down.
    • The smart use event notifications built into NetBackup.
    • Parallel streaming during backups to ensure speedy backups.
    • Tape out for long term retention.
  • Manageability
    • Ease of backup and recovery based on metadata.
    • Single GUI and point of protection across multiple accounts and object repositories.
    • Cross vendor data migration.
    • Global data management view.


Veritas NetBackup Cloud Object Store Protection

Veritas NetBackup Cloud Object Store Protection is a new feature that involves adding support for Cloud Object Store workload protection in NetBackup. This feature allows NetBackup to backup and recover both public and private object storage that is being used by a customer as a data target, with no additional software install needed.

Features include:

  • Backup of objects data and metadata from one or more buckets.
  • Supports Azure, AWS, GCS, HCP, IBM, COS, Ceph and more.
  • Ability to select objects from one or more buckets under backup selection.
    • Include all objects from one or more buckets.
    • Backup selection supports one or more queries with AND/OR operator.
  • Recovery includes recovery of data, metadata, ACLs and permissions on object(s).
  • Recovery of objects to a bucket from same source bucket cloud provider is supported. Ex: If objects are backed up from AWS S3, during recovery user can select target bucket from same cloud provider AWS S3.
  • Various Recovery options are supported.
    • Recovery of one or more selected objects.
    • Recovery of all objects in the backup.
    • Recover backups to the same bucket.
      • Overwrite objects.
      • Do not overwrite objects, if object already present at the target.
    • Recover to a different bucket in the same or different account from the cloud provider.
    • Recover objects with same name.
    • Apply a prefix to object names during recovery.
  • Securely connect to your cloud object stores using NetBackup security.
    • Port 443 should be opened between backup server and cloud provider.

Using Veritas NetBackup to Backup Cloud Object Stores

Connecting Veritas NetBackup to your cloud object stores is as a simple process that involves:

  1. Adding the cloud credentials to connect to cloud object storage.
  2. Connecting the credentials to a workload.
  3. Creating a backup policy.
  4. Backup and recover the data selected in the backup policy.

Veritas NetBackup is not just your trusted on-site backup suite, it’s also your one stop shop to backup your cloud resources with simple tools that accomplish difficult tasks.  Whether your cloud goals include cloud object store, NetBackup enterprise tools makes backing up your data easier and will save money on long term storage costs as well.