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Virtual Machine to restore in Azure as Azure VM

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Hi Experts,

I am wondering if NBU can resore protected VMs to restore in Azure as Azure VM.

Of course I know Veritas VRP is the manner to replicate VMs from Onpremise to the Cloud, as one of solution, would be worth considering VMs to restore in Azure as Azure VM if VMs in H-V, ESX can be backed up in Azure BLOB.

If any of you pointed me an online manual that would be ultimately appreciated.

I was not able to find it.

Best Regards,



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NetBackup will not have access to the undelaying hypervisor from Azure or AWS so you cannot perform any “snapshots as you are doing in your local VMware/Hyper-V environments”.

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Not NBU but there is another Veritas product that can orchestrate snapshots of Azure VMs, it's called Cloud Point