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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! How to delete restored System State in alternate location

Hi, We did a backup of ALL_LOCAL_DRIVE for a Windows 2008 R2 machine running NBU 7.1 and did a restore test on the data drive D: . We found out some of the exe file is not being restore and after google found out is due to the files are filtered in t...

wilsonchong by Level 4
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Resolved! duplication and ejection

how to automate the duplication and ejection of image on media ? NBU Enterprise 7.5   I have configure and add the vaulting profile  included the schedule, client name and policy …   When I run this profile manually it works fine , but now how I can ...

Netbackup Disk Performance & Caching on Windows

Hi I’m trying to tune a disk performance issue on a NetBackup 7.1.04 system. Media Server Deduplication (MSDP) is used. Media Server Hardware: HP DL360 G7 2 x Quad-core CPU’s, 32TB RAM, Windows 2008 R2, SmartArray P812 (w/1024MB cache) controller for...

BMR Error when trying to recover Solaris 10 server

Hi I am trying to recover Solaris 10 server. I have created the CD Based SRT with Solaris 10 update 6 version. I have burned it, loaded it in CD ROM and started Prepare to Restore & the job is queued in task list. This is a straight forward BMR Resto...

Resolved! bpdbjobs error codes

I need to make a report and a timeline for day of the duration of the backup, to schedule future backup. My O.S is Windows 2008. So i am trying to use: bpdbjobs -report -gdm >> backups\reports_master.csv So i read this article:

adecchi by Level 2
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Trying to get clarity after upgrade to

**** Moved to new discussion from  **** Hello mph, I'm trying to get clarity on my status then.  I've upgraded f...

yhbg by Level 4
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More fun with

This is getting annoying, just observed another peculiarity: Ive got two jobs in my activity monitor, they stand out due to their job ids: # ls -l 1280263968.t 825439537.t -rw-------   1 root     root           0 Nov  1 16:42 1280263968.t -rw------...

Resolved! one of the tape drive is not detecting in netbackup

Hi I run netbackup 6.5.6 version windows 2003. One of my media server have 4 tape drives among that one drive is not detecting on the netbackup. I have deleted the drive from "Drives" because is showing a missing path. I tried to recreate but unable ...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.1 to 7.5 Upgrade issue when NBAC is enabled

Hi (my first case here) Master = Server 2008R2 I wonder if someone tried upgrading from to 7.5 and had issues ? In my case the insallation stops and rollback after it tries to to upgrade NBAC. It also rollback the installation badly and the M...

Resolved! Netbackup/Oracle Configuration supported ?

  Hello,   we have the situaion, that our Oracle 9.2 32Bit runs on a Windows Server 2003 64 Bit SP2.   We try to Backup this Server with Netbackup but the Backup failed.    In the compatibilty list I can't find this constalation, but there i...

Daniel_Be_ by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU AVR Deamon not recognizing Tape Change

Hi all i have a Problem whith a NBU MediaServer whith local HP LTO4 Standalone Drives. As far as i know the AVR Deamon should recognize when a Tape is ejected and a new one is inserter into a Standalone Drive. My Problem is that when eject a ...

Customer support portal?

Hi ForumFolks I seem unable to get anything sensible from the portal. Anyone else getting any joy? I've already re-registered but if I try and access an existing case I have no option but to fill in all the damned registration fields yet again. V. po...

Resolved! Why we are going for NDMP backup

Hi All, I don't understand the concept of NDMP backup.  Since NAS also the storage i don't understand the why we need a separate configuration to backup NAS. Can any one explanin me about the NDMP and its configuration. Thanks, Mubarack.S

Resolved! Bptestbpcd

Hi All, Hope you all are Happy in the Netbackup world ! well this i just wanna know when we do bptestbpcd -client <client_name>  , we get the output like below   1 1 1 1xx.1xx .xx.75:49501 -> 1xx.1xx .xx.82:13724 11xx.1xx .xx.75:49503 -> 1xx.1xx .x...

Resolved! Failover storage unit group

We are exploring a dedicated media server for specific clients and it seems the Failover Storage unit group would fit our needs. The documentation describes this as it "chooses the first storage unit in the list that is not down or out of media." We ...

Help configuring Netbackup with NDMP/SAN/SAS

I am looking for some help configuring a Netbackup 7.5 install to do a n NDMP backup over SAN. I have a Redhat Enterprise 6u3 media/master server running Netbackup 7.5 with the update. I have an Oracle/Storagetek SL-48 library with 4 LTO5 dr...

slane by Level 2
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