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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Oracle backup failing with 96 error code

Hi,We have LAN-free backup for Oracle DBs. I have volume pools available. The backup speed is 120MB/s. However,  we cannot get a full backup successful. The database size is about 6TB. Please advise.BTW, i can confirm that we have scratch tapes avail...

kkhoo by Level 5
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An infinite Full Backup and Daily Differential

Hello guys,I have the following question, I have a custumer that only fits a full backup.I wonder if I can do a single full backup with infinite retention and all day differential.My question is if 1 year, when restoring a backup will I have a proble...


Hello Team,I want to configure AIR in my environment. I have gone through couple of docs having some queries.I got to  know that we need to configure SLP on both side with same name. On production site two operations needs to configure under SLP (Bac...

Resolved! LAN-free backup, how to confirm that the backup is LAN-free

Hi,I am having a hard time to explain how to verify that our oracle backup is lan-free backup.1. first, the client where the database is running is configured as media server. There is fc connection from media server to the backup SAN.2. the speed is...

kkhoo by Level 5
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NetBackup REST API Error 500

Hello,We recently upgraded to version 8.1.2 and I'm getting started trying to use the REST API. I have been successful in logging in and getting a list of policies, so i know my credentials are working. However, in trying to get individual policy det...

Re: Need to modify SLP version

Hello all, I have a similar problem as I want to modify the storage Unit of a SLP operation 2: i want to replace stu1 by stu2 the cmd is : nbstl <NameSLP> -modify_version -ver...

Dackey by Level 4
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Netbackup 5 or lower client binary

Hi,I am looking for NetBackup Version 5(or lower) client software for HP-UX 10.20 PA-RISC HP9000.Last supported Veritas Netbackup client version for HP-UX 10.20 operating system, was version 3.4 (3.4.1). But it appears that NBU client version 4.5 as ...

s_john by Level 3
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Backup file format on disk or on tape

Hello Team,What is the extension of backed up file on disk or on tape.Is Netbackup backed up file on disk in native format? Or on tape in .bkf extention?

dav1 by Level 3
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NetBackup granular permissions for restore

Hi,First I try to explain, what we are trying to accomplish. We got many offices around the world. In most offices we have a netbackup media server, which are connected to our master server in our main office. In most offices we have it-supporters. T...

Backup policy management errors

Getting below error when Java GUI is loading policies, this is a newly configured master servers Initially, this issue wasn't happening but we face this Error: ==========================================================================================...

I have doubt on BPSTART_TIMEOUT working.

So suppose i have set bpstart_timeout value to 800 seconds in my bp.conf on master serverMy backup has 8 seperate streams.So this bpstart time out is for all individual streams will it wait for 800 seconds for stream 1 to complete before it gets time...

MG11 by Level 4
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Unable to login root to WebUI NetBackup 8.2

HalloI've tried to check out new release of NetBackup 8.2. My Sandbox have just installed Solaris and NetBackup master server 8.2.I've got a problem to login to WebUI as root. Error is "! authentication failed". I've tried to change passw...

AlexeyD by Level 3
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Resolved! wrong media server used to perform the duplication

Hi all,I need your help because after creating a Storage Unit Group for the backup and a Storage Unit Group for the duplication, sometimes the duplication jobs use a media server that is not configured in the related Storage Server.I'm talking about ...

Intore by Level 4
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Resolved! Mongodb backup support of NetBackup 8.2 GA

Hi ,One question:  Is the Mongodb backup supported by the latest NetBackup 8.2 GA version now? I don't find the relevant NetBackup 8.2 doc about the Mongodb. Thanks in advance.